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this place needs a post...

Posted by aintgotthejazz on 2006.04.15 at 02:23
music: maspyke - lightly anxious
Does anyone else here consider seeing "underground" hiphop as turning the curve of the herd? Although I understand that the genre has a history, which is fundemental aspect to any culture, but why do people consider it so blasphemous if you don't agree to cannonizing certain hiphop albums as "classics".

I'm not sure, but like the more current hiphop is represented by mtv, bet and whatever else, the more traditonalist, conservative-like heads seem to get. opinions!


Posted by kunststjerne on 2006.04.10 at 01:17
SHIT..It's been a while but I was in a massive accident (I'm not going to go into much) Involving jumping through windows and friends cutting off their dreadlocks, a horrid affair- so this was sort of abandoned and now going through a ressurection of sorts, but finally I'll get this shit running. Anyway, the night before my huge fuck up I saw Zion I, one of the best live acts out there- this is my third time seeing them in philly, the first time I worked their merchandise table which was a combination of cool and kind of retarted- my two friends and I sat in the back while the show played on...but we got in for free and met the group, which was cool. Those guys are constantly high. Opening for them was Sadat X from Brand Nubian who sucked...I couldn't understand a word he said. But props to Brand Nubian from back in the day, I guess. All For One is a good song.....below: Andres and MC ZION


Posted by kunststjerne on 2006.03.08 at 03:11
I'd just like to say...rest in peace JDilla- a phenomonal producer, will be missed- just got the new cd and Im really digging it...too bad it will be his last. But who knows, these producers make such an abundance of beats- do I see a JDilla duets?